Free Shipping On Orders Over $19!

Free Shipping On Orders Over $19!

About Us

About Us

Rescue Bracelet is all about giving back. Also, we love dogs. Perhaps I should start there. Our CEO, Cass Cooper, has oodles of dogs. Currently, we are talking 5 canines of various breeds from Malamute to Mutt. So when Cass was looking to help puppies everywhere, we weren’t too surprised.


Rescue Bracelet is about local shelters. Every single bracelet sold feeds a dog for a day. On average, depending on size and location, it costs about a dollar a day for a shelter to house and feed a healthy dog. Every Rescue Bracelet you buy helps feed a dog at a local shelter, keeping costs down and dogs well feed and happy until they can find their new forever homes.


Here at Rescue Bracelet, all our employees have pets, most of which were rescued from local shelters. And while we would love to just adopt all the animals, the truth is not only is that impossible but it isn’t what’s best for the pups themselves. So Cass started thinking about how else we could help besides by volunteering and adopting dogs personally.


That’s how the Adopt a Shelter program was born. Every month we donate a dollar per bracelet sold to a friendly local shelter. And we take suggestions. We started by donating to all the great local shelters in our own area. But now, we reach out to you, our customers and fellow Rescue Bracelet sporting dog-loving kin.


Recommend your Local Dog Shelter

If you have a friendly shelter in mind, message us on social media, Instagram and Facebook. We’ll randomly select a shelter from our recommended list every month. Then we cut that shelter a check from Rescue Bracelet and all of our loving customers. The more bracelets we sell that month, the more we donate.


We know the cost of running a shelter is no small amount. So everything we can do to help, we will. To give back to you, our friendly customers, and to try to increase our donations, we offer free shipping on every order over $20. In other words, if you buy two or more bracelets, we reward you with free shipping and our monthly shelter with extra donations.


If we can get our average order to 2 bracelets instead of just one, then we’ll donate twice as much to help keep puppies healthy and well feed. But only you can help us achieve this crucial goal.


Alongside this goal, if you love dogs and love your Rescue Bracelet, then spread the word. Sport your Rescue Bracelet all around town. Tell your friends. Tell anyone who asks you about your cool new bracelet where you got it and that your bracelet alone helped keep a dog well feed and happy.


That’s basically where our motto came from:


“Feeding dogs, one bracelet at a time.”


Remember, every bracelet sold, helps us help dogs everywhere.


We are currently ramping up production and adding to our bracelet line. We have some great new ideas and designs that we hope you will check out. We’ll be rolling them out over the course of the year. So even if you already are sporting your Rescue Bracelet, don’t forget to come back for more as we update and release brand new dog saving gear.


We plan to release everything from a military themed bracelet for all you vets out there to a Police Dog theme bracelet for all our canine cops. And maybe we’ll even throw in some special holiday themed bracelets that may appear for a limited time only. So make sure to follow us on socials to keep up with all the new releases and limited runs so you can show off to your friends and brag that you have the newest Rescue Bracelet because you must love dogs!


But enough about us. Let’s talk about our puppies!

About Our Rescues

So I don’t know about you, but I always like to think that not only did I rescue my dogs, but they in a sense rescued me too. I can’t imagine how life would be without my puppies. So rather than just talking about them, we thought we’d share some of our pics and talk a bit about our bestest friends ever: our Rescue Pups.

Gertie (Gertrude Stein)

Gert is a mutt, part Labrador, part Doberman Pinscher, complete stubborn feminist, just like her namesake. Dan and his wife, Megan, rescued her from a shelter nearly 2 years back now. She and several of her puppy brothers and sisters had been put up for adoption largely because the owner said they were having trouble finding homes for the pups since they were part Doberman. Certain breeds do get a bad wrap, and it turns out that around her Dobermans are just one of them. Gertie is super friendly though, loves kids and playing with other dogs at the local dog park. She goes on a walk each and every day, patrolling the neighborhood and saying hi to all her friends.

Ollie Mae

Ollie is a Boxer / Pitbull mix. She is super friendly and lovable. But don’t get on her bad side or she’ll cover you in so much slobbery kisses you won’t know what hit you. She was rescued from a shelter a few years back. Her previous owner had been forced to give her up because she was part Pitbull and the town she lived in banned that particular breed. Again, we are shocked by the cruelty of some humans and the terrible reputation such great breeds often get. Ollie is a great guard dog, no doubt. But her bark is just for show. She loves everyone who comes to visit her.


Poor Oller was diagnosed with bone cancer last summer. She probably only has a few more months to live and may already be gone as of your reading this. But we thought we’d immortalize her with this listing just the same. She had a great life playing with her fellow rescue pups, and even now that she has had to have one of her legs amputated, she still gives you a smile with her eyes and mouth every time she sees you. Her walks have slowed down a bit, circling the yard instead of the neighborhood. But she’s still enjoying the fine weather outside and loves it when friends come to visit. We are so grateful to have had Ollie in our lives and know that she lived a happy and full life. We will miss her when she’s gone.


Wabli (Wahn-blee)

Wabli is a Husky / Labrador mix. Rescued from a shelter in Indiana, years ago now. He had been “dropped off” because he wouldn’t stop escaping his cage. This seemed like a strange reason to abandon a dog, so Dan scooped him up. Turns out, Wabli is both a house dog and a farm dog at heart. He needs lots of room to run around and the love of a family in order to really be a happy pup. Wabli, which means “eagle” in Native American Lakota, was named for the white patch of fur on his chest that looks like an eagle taking flight. And when he bounds out across his yard and the surrounding farmland, he resembles one even more.



Walt is an Alaskan Malamute, straight out of the great white tundra of the North. Cass and his wife, Ashley, have had him for years. He isn’t technically a rescue, but  at times he can be a little a bit “much” as he likes to talk a lot and loves to get out of the house and exercise and meet new people. Cass took notes of these attributes and decided that Walter would get to come to work with him often, so he could socialize. While sometimes Walt can be a handful, around the office we all really love him. And everytime a new delivery of bracelets arrives, Walt is always around to inspect the merchandise and greet the delivery driver. Is Walt social? Of course he is!



Oni is a one-eyed rescue dog. Cass and Ashley found this poor pup with his eye damaged out in the wild, alone. They rushed him to the vet, where he was fixed right on up. Shortly thereafter, they adopted him to their new forever home. Named after Oenomaus, the one-eyed gladiatorial teacher, from the various Spartacus TV shows, Oni now lives in the comfort of his forever home, surrounded by friendly humans and puppies galore.


While we could go on and on about our pups and rescue stories, we’d really love to hear yours. Share your Rescue story with us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured as our Rescue Story of the Month. We love dogs, and we love hearing how much you love dogs. Rescue stories, like Oni’s, warm our hearts and remind us why we do what we do here at Rescue Bracelet. Share yours with us today.



Rescue Bracelet is based out of Litchfield, Illinois, in the heart of the Midwest. We are a US based company, employing a small set of dedicated employees who must love dogs--or at least we all do cause obviously. When your office often has at least one pup running around it, it would be hard not to love dogs, right?


While we love our small country towns here in Southern Illinois, we also know that they aren’t always dog friendly. We push for puppy power, as it were, throughout the Midwest and elsewhere too. Many of our employees have been involved with maintaining and volunteering at various puppy related facilities including dog parks, vets, shelters, and obedience schools. Most of us also have our own dogs at home, many of which are rescues too.

Promoting Healthy Puppies Everywhere

While we have been involved in helping with local dog friendly establishments throughout the Midwest, we also want to help your local shelters grow and accept more stray dogs. We firmly believe in the power of love and the healing abilities of our pets. We also support spaying and neutering your pets as well as adopting from local shelters and donating to these organizations.


As any responsible dog owner will tell you, owning a pet is a lot of work but also super rewarding. We encourage our friends and customers to always keep their furry friends healthy by making regular vet visits and keeping shots up to date. Before you take your puppy out to play at the dog park or on a walk around the neighborhood, make sure you have your shot record up to date. If we all keep our dogs protected against various illnesses, those diseases are way less likely to spread and hurt other pups, including our furry friends.


While we aren’t official affiliated with any other dog friendly organization, like PETA and the ASPCA, we certainly support many of their messages and initiatives. We believe that most (if not all) dogs have a place in the home and should be treated more like members of the family than just animals. All our puppies live in doors with their respective humans. None of them are ever chained up or left outside in the elements, except for Gertie who loves to play in the rain sometimes. Just kidding. She’s inside too, almost all the time. But she really does love the water.


The point is, while we want you to buy a bracelet or three so we can donate more to local shelters, we also know that you and all of us can do a lot at home too. Whether that be inviting a rescue dog into your home to live with you, volunteering your time at your own local shelter, donating toys and food to your shelter, promoting your local vet, or even trying to get a dog friendly environment such as a dog park started in your own community, we encourage you to be the change you want to see in your local town or city.


Many of us grew up in places that didn’t have great dog care facilities or places to walk your dog. But over the course of the years, as we moved around the country and finally settled here, we met like minded people who love dogs just as much as we do. We have seen dog parks come into existence in towns that had never heard the terms “dog friendly” before. Take the initiative in your own community today. Buy a bracelet or seven. Give them out to your friends and family. And do your part to make your town safe for puppies to visit.


And remember this: every puppy deserves a forever home. Help us support local shelters today by picking up your Rescue Bracelet today.


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